Revers signed a petition to Google demanding to correct pathologizing LGBT+ terms in Google Translate

LGBT Initiative Group Revers became one of eight Russian LGBT human rights organizations and initiatives that signed a formal request to the CEO of Google Inc. and Alphabet Sundaru Pichai. In our letter we asked him to explain the corporation’s position on the usage of pathologizing terms in relation to LGBT people. Our main requirement was to make adjustments to the scripts of the Google Translate service so that the words homosexuality and homosexual would be translated from English into Russian exactly – as “homosexuality” and “homosexual”, respectively, since for many years Google Translate has translated these terms incorrectly.

You can read the text of the open letter in English languahe below. If you also want to join us in those requirements, sign the petition to Google using the link.

To Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet

Dear Mr. Pichai!

On behalf of the human rights LGBT+ organizations and initiative groups in Russia, we would like to appeal to you with this petition regarding the functioning of one of the Google services.

We are talking about the Google Translate service, which is used by 500 million people. It translates over 100 billion words a day, including such words as homosexuality and homosexual, which in Russian have exact equivalents – “гомосексуальность” and “гомосексуал”, but the service perpetually translates them into Russian as “гомосексуализм” (“homosexualism”) and “гомосексуалист” (“homosexualist”).

Over the years, the sole option for these incorrect words’ translation automatically gets into many Russian translations of foreign texts, littering the informational space with pathologizing expressions. These equivalents got into the Russian lexicon from the medical dictionary, where it appeared at the Soviet times when homosexuality was treated as a painful pathology and at the same time as a malicious deviation from established social and ideological norms. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization excluded homosexuality from the international classification of diseases back in 1990. Since then, the use of the pathologizing terms “homosexualism” and “homosexualist” is incorrect and offensive.

We believe that the Google Corporation is the leader in the global digital and social transformation of humanity. The more serious is the responsibility that the company bears for the quality of its services. We consider that by its actions Google is causing hurt to the Russian-speaking LGBT+ communities, rooting in the Russian segment of Internet and in the public consciousness incorrect and offensive language in relation to people of homosexual orientation, and, therefore, participating in discrimination against the whole Russian speaking LGBT+ community

We kindly ask you personally and also your colleagues to clarify the position of the company on the use of pathologizing nouns in relation to LGBT+ people, and to make changes to the scripts of the Google Translate service, which should start translating “homosexuality” and “homosexual” as “гомосексуальность”, “гомосексуал”, as well as “bisexual” as “бисексуал”.

Best regards,

Moscow LGBT Initiative Group Stimul
Legal and Social Support Charitable Foundation Sphere (the Foundation was added to the so-called list of “foreign agents” by the Ministry of Justice in 2016)
‘Coming Out’ LGBT-group
Interregional Social Movement Russian LGBT Network
Human to Human Initiative Group
SNoW-Initiative (Saint-Petersburg Non-binary Workgroup)
Revers LGBT Initiative Group
Side by Side International LGBT Film Festival

Revers organized an exhibition dedicated to the International Transgender Day of Visibility

The 31st of March is the day when human rights organizations around the world celebrate the International Transgender Day of Visibility. Its main purpose is to draw the attention of the general public to the discrimination faced by transgender people in different countries. This year, in honor of this important day, the Initiative Group of Transgender People and Their Allies “T*REVERS”, with the support of the Russian LGBT Network, organized an exhibition of works made by transgender people in “Revers” community center.

The works represent both transgender activists who fought for the rights of transgender people around the world in the past (Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, Lou Sullivan, etc.) as well as those activists who continue to make a significant contribution to the cause of increasing the visibility of transgender people (Jamison Green, Laverne Cox, Julia Serano and many others).

Each works provides a comment revealing the history of the struggle of transgender people against discrimination. You can get more detailed information about those works in the brochure “Trans*community: the history of the struggle for their rights. FACTS. PEOPLE. EVENTS” published by our initiative group following this link

“Revers” turned 4 years old!

Today we not only did a good work at the Volunteer School, but also had a good rest. And for this there was a wonderful occasion – the LGBT social movement “Revers” turned 4 years old! Continue reading ““Revers” turned 4 years old!”

We invite to the Volunteers School!

Krasnodar LGBT social movement “Revers” announces a recruitment to the Volunteers School!

Volunteers school is a series of trainings and seminars where you learn what LGBT organizations exist for, what it means to be a volunteer, what exactly you can do for LGBT people, and much more.
School events will be held in Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don.
Begin February 17th.

Workshop for psychologists in Krasnodar

On the 8th and 9th of September Krasnodar LGBT social movement «Revers» hosted The Workshop of «The Gender Journey» project for psychologists, psychotherapists and students. The specialists from Krasnodar and Rostov-On-Don took part in it. Continue reading “Workshop for psychologists in Krasnodar”

The Gender Diversity Day continues

On the 12th of June we celebrated The Gender Diversity Day for the first time. But this story is not ended and we keep on telling about it.

On the 15th of July there was a meeting organized by the cinema-club of Krasnodar LGBT social movement «Revers» and the Service project for transgender people «T*Revers». At the event was shown short film «Two Spirit People» about the gender variety of North American Indians and the influence of traditions on acceptance or rejection of transgender people or homosexual people in modern Indian communities. The film was in English with Russian subtitles. And many thanks for the translation to our colleagues from Nizhny Novgorod. Continue reading “The Gender Diversity Day continues”

Chase the virus, not people!

Krasnodar LGBT social movement “Revers” joins to the campaign “Chase the virus, not people!”.

Aim of the campaign: to draw attention to the problems of key population groups, against the backdrop of the catastrophic situation with the HIV/AIDS epidemic in EECA for comprehensive support of the region by the world community. Increase the priority of actions to overcome the discrimination and stigmatization of vulnerable and communities – as a key condition for an effective response to the HIV epidemic in EECA countries.

#chasethevirus #chasethevirusnotpeople

The third Trans*camp at the Kuban

From June 10 to June 12, 2018, an event for the transgender and queer community, the Trans*camp, took place on the territory of one of the tourist camps of the Krasnodar region, attended by more than 30 people with different gender identity and sexual orientation. Such an event of this topic and format is unique in Russia, and even more so in Kuban – the capital of “traditional values”. The event is organized by the Krasnodar LGBT social movement “Revers” and the Service Project for Transgender People “T*Revers” Continue reading “The third Trans*camp at the Kuban”

International Family Equality Day in Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don

On May 6, the Krasnodar LGBT social movement “Revers” celebrated the International Family Equality Day, which is celebrated in more than 30 countries around the world every year since 2012.

In Krasnodar, we conducted a flashmob with posters and inscriptions dedicated to the International Family Equality Day. After that, we watched a film about how different families can be, and that they are all valuable and equal. Then a discussion was organized about the diversity of families, the difficulties faced by LGBT families. A pleasant end to our holiday was the art therapy “I and my family” about the relationship in the family, the distribution of roles, and the personal sympathies. We all had pleasant emotions and impressions, and some people discovered a lot of new things.
Activists and supporters of the Krasnodar LGBT social movement “Revers” in Rostov-on-Don celebrated this day with photos with placards on the equality of families in different languages, expressing support for LGBT families all around the world. An event called the “Living Library” was held, the goal of which was to help absolutely different people reach mutual understanding and get rid of prejudices against surrounding people and, possibly, learn something new about themselves. Continue reading “International Family Equality Day in Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don”

Media about us

“Feminists reminded Krasnodar about the meaning of the holiday on March 8”

According to this heading, an article appeared in the Krasnodar media “Golos Kubany”, dedicated to the action with the distribution of leaflets on March 8 in the streets of Krasnodar

Link to article

Women’s day – every day!

Women’s day – every day! on March 8 in Krasnodar the civil activists, activists of Krasnodar feminist group “The Power of Equality” and the Krasnodar LGBT social movement “Revers” came to the streets with the goal of informing the public about the true meaning of the date.
Continue reading “Women’s day – every day!”

Football v Homophobia

Krasnodar LGBT social movement “Revers” joins the month of active action in the campaign “Football v Homophobia” with FARE NETWORK aimed to combat discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression at all levels of football. Continue reading “Football v Homophobia”