The third Trans*camp at the Kuban

Данное сообщение (материал) создано и (или) распространено иностранным средством массовой информации, выполняющим функции иностранного агента, и (или) российским юридическим лицом, выполняющим функции иностранного агента с 24.12.2021г.

From June 10 to June 12, 2018, an event for the transgender and queer community, the Trans*camp, took place on the territory of one of the tourist camps of the Krasnodar region, attended by more than 30 people with different gender identity and sexual orientation. Such an event of this topic and format is unique in Russia, and even more so in Kuban – the capital of “traditional values”. The event is organized by the Krasnodar LGBT social movement “Revers” and the Service Project for Transgender People “T*Revers”

The event was educational as well as leisure; it had an extensive program, which included: information and educational workshops, lectures and discussions on gender identities and types, feminism and its directions, ecological communication, social gender stereotypes, and much more.

In the leisure part of the events included various quests, sports competitions and board games. In addition to the organizational official program, there was also an exhibition of handmade products from the participants of the Trans-Camp.

Trans*camp participants came from different parts of the country and cities such as Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Territory, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg. There were lecturers and presenters – Yosef, LGBT group “Coming out” St. Petersburg and Vincent from “Resource Center for LGBT” Ekaterinburg.

A few opinions about the programs presented and the event as a whole are directly from the participants themselves:

Workshop “Borders of personality, ecological communication”

“Interesting. We are all participants in the communication and at the event itself. The ability to apply skills depends on the person. For myself, I can say that knowledge and skills can and should be applied, but it’s just not always possible. Sometimes, because of some principles, bad mood, inadequacy of the interlocutor, etc. and there is no longer any ecological communication. But with the most important (close / native / friends), that’s just needs the time to practice ecological communication. Come on! “Vince, Ekaterinburg.

Discussion “Why do we need feminism. LGBT community and intersectionality”

“The progressive theme of the future for our country, I hope. And most importantly – very relevant. A good announcer, the information flow and the discussion itself was alive. Nowhere than in the network does not find this, and it is very useful for everyone . Thanks to the organizers! “Mark, Krasnodar.

Discussion “To whom do gender stereotypes interfere?”

“The discussion was that it should be with completely different opinions. The information was accessible, the announcer and the moderator of the discussion was polite. Stereotypes are in principle an anchor for progress, and gender stereotypes automatically drag us into the Stone Age. “Gilbert, Krasnodar.

Feedback on the event:

“Everything is fine, the only thing I would like is that the festival lasts more days!”

“A wonderful event, which is directed not at a narrow circle of persons, but it would be useful to everyone if it were not for our society. But nothing, the future is behind us, many thanks for such a pleasant atmosphere and tranquility! ”

“It is difficult to combine nature and the cognitive process, but it turned out to be possible. Such topics will not hear anywhere else, Such rest will not have nowhere. No one was drunk, no yelling, and everyone was like a family. Just super!

Organizers of Trans*camp are sure that such events and meetings should leave a good trace in the memory of each of those present, we hope that this is not the last such event in history.